2015 - Present (Bass, vocals)

Laroux, a world-folkband that both perfoms at folk festivals and in theaters, playing original storytelling songs.

Allez Mama

2012 - Present (Bass, vocals)

Allez Mama is a cajun- and zydeco band with dutch lyrics, that very much enjoyes performing on multiple festivals and pop stages with a lot of energy. This band scored a modest hit with "Je liegt dat je barst".


Wild Geraas

2011 - 2013 (guitar, vocals)

This was a band consisting of members with a mild intellectual disability. Together with Lenny Laroux, I accompanied them with well-known songs or mesh-ups that were performed in a simple manor.



2006 - 2011 (drums, vocals)

A rock band with dutch lyrics, playing own songs. Raw and full of self-mockery.



2006 - 2008 (Bass, vocals)

A rockband with english lyrics and 70's rock characteristics.

  • 01 -What-Youre-gonna-do-about-it -

Double Dice

1995 - 1997(guitars, bass, drums, percussion, vocals and piano)

Actually it was a cd-project for charity with several guest muscicians that supported me. I played many instruments myself. A combination of covers and own songs that were performed in a acoustic setting.

Stormy Weather

1992 - 1993(Bass)

A 4 man formation that created own work with a 60s sound inspired by the Beatles and the Stones. One of the bandmembers was Branimir Stulic, a well-known artist in former Yugoslavia.

Dutch Crossing

1986 - Present (Bass/ vocals)

This band played covers (from Eagles, Queen, Golden Earring to Aerosmith) as well as own songs with english lyrics. Rock with a lot of vocal harmonies. A total of 3 cd's where produced independently.


The New Dimension

1984 - 1985 (electric-/acoustic guitar)

Highschool band. We played 60s/70s covers.